Opportunity Waits For No-one

Hi Everyone,

Well, it has now been a couple of months since I posted an Optimistic Disturber Blog and this is not because I am lazy, but because I needed to retreat from life in the Leadership Lane, as I am sure you would all understand.

After 23 years of running Proteus, commencing as a start up company in a bedroom and now a national company providing leadership development across a nation, I needed some time to withdraw, reflect and get clarity about what the next five to ten years looked like.

During this time I had a break, I met interesting people who told me their stories, I wrote a book to be released in October and I developed strategy to take not just my company, but myself into an exciting new era.

When you have worked hard all of your life and pushed yourself to be productive and achieve your goals, the danger is that you just keep doing what you have been doing and hope that what has worked before will continue to work – but the world has changed, and so must we.

We always talk about change as if it is something that we can choose to do or not, and sometimes that is the case, but what I am discovering right now is that the change happening around us no longer allows us that luxury.

We must adapt or else we die!

For several years now I have watched as companies and people have dug their heels in and resisted the changes that have been put in front of them. Many of those companies no longer exist and many of those people find themselves in very different situations than they were a short time ago.

Why – because they were too stubborn and set in their ways to adapt.

So, rather than dwell on the inevitable demise of these people and many others who still have that mindset, I would rather dwell on the amazing opportunities that are about to open their doors to us if we are ready and adaptable.

I have come back not only revitalized and ready to step into areas way outside of my comfort zone, but have also had my eyes opened to a whole new world of global business and global innovation.

Yes, I did think when I went away that I may even retire – as if!

I did think that I might pull back a bit, but when you know your purpose and you absolutely love the opportunities and experiences it brings, why would you not continue to pursue it with every part of your being.

I feel so sad for people who have lost their way and no longer feel that passion, but every one of us can make decisions that bring it back – if we have the guts.

So, what I am saying is that I am here for the long haul, I still have many more things to achieve, and I want to spend the remaining years of my life in helping others rediscover their purpose also.

So Optimistic Disturbers, where are you at? Are you satisfied with where the future is heading? Have you really adapted to the revolution that is happening?

Are you happy?

Only you can answer these questions and yes, only you can know what is required to make these things reality.

Take some time to get off the wheel and reflect – because right now the world waits for no one, so if opportunity knocks – open the bloody door!

Des Penny

CEO & Founder, Proteus Enterprises

Des Penny

In 1993 Des Penny left a senior executive position in Human Resources to establish Proteus Leadership across Australia and to inspire and create great leaders.

Now an author, motivational speaker, blogger and a recognised entrepreneur in his field, Des is passionate about the team he has assembled to help him fulfil his vision. Together they have helped thousands of managers to achieve positive, personal growth through the Proteus Leadership workshops, courses and leadership events.

Des has extensive leadership experience across a diverse range of industries and qualifications in Human Resource Management, Business Management and a Masters Degree in eBusiness and Communication.

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