Do You Know Your Story?

Just imagine right now that you have been asked the very simple but somewhat confronting question, “what is your story?”

How would you respond? Would you be coy and dismiss the question? Would you have a convoluted awkward story that goes everywhere, yet nowhere? Or would you have a short concise story that describes who you are, what you have done and where you are heading?

Every one of us has a story, it is just that so many of us don’t think it will be interesting to others, and so we don’t spend time developing it.

Our story is our life plan and only when we learn to turn our life plan from a spreadsheet or a document full of dot points to a story, do we start to enjoy the journey and realize that everything we do and everyone we speak to, become actors in our story.

So, right up front, what is your story?

We all have a story, in fact every single minute of our day another part of our story is being created.

But we must be prepared to be vulnerable and honest for our story to have maximum impact.

So, be proud of your story, warts and all, and remember; you are the author of your story, so write a great one.

Des Penny – CEO and Founder
Proteus Enterprises Pty Ltd


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