Think Leadership

“An organisation can only grow to the level its leaders are prepared to grow to”.

A leader’s level of performance is primarily driven by how prepared they are to grow personally and professionally and most of this growth comes about as a result of ‘thinking differently’.

This unique program is designed to provide leaders with the skills and opportunities to develop the way they think, and therefore perform as more effective leaders.

Think! Leadership is about assisting leaders and their teams to think in new ways, challenge the status quo and see a bigger and better picture for the future.

Over two days, expert facilitators will deliver 8 x 1½ sessions exploring a range of topics, all focused on preparing leaders to better lead change, innovation and growth in their workplaces.

The outcomes for leaders are tangible and can be applied back in to the workplace immediately. Participants will learn how to:

• Generate new ideas and processes for action • Better navigate chaotic and rapid change • Build their leadership credibility • Understand the new and evolving marketplace • Create a culture of innovation • More effectively influence stakeholders • Move from an Operational to Strategic mindset • Lead the roll out of transformational change

This program is suited to those leaders who are passionate about improving performance and/or responsible for rolling out change.