Leadership By Design

About the program

This is without a doubt one of Australia’s premier leadership development initiatives.

With 8 x 1½ hour, power-packed sessions, covering the most challenging and exciting issues facing today’s contemporary leaders, delegates will leave with a renewed mindset and a revitalised and positive outlook.

The program looks at a range of topics including, personal and people management strategies and also provides concepts and templates that can be implemented immediately back in the workplace.

This is a program suited to those people currently in a leadership position and for those wanting to pursue leadership as a career.

At Proteus Leadership, we believe that professional development should meet the Four Cornerstones Of Learning:





This program has been designed to do exactly that.

It is not only for individuals, but has also been tailored for teams who are looking to change the culture, the attitude and the behaviours within their workplace.

By participating in this program, you will be able to select the skills and insights that are relevant to you and then design your own leadership experience.

This is not just another training program, but truly a leadership experience that will change the way you think about what you do and how you do it.

Leadership By Design will reignite your passion for leadership.